Admission Process

Visit the school’s admission office and make inquiry as regards to your wards desired class. Obtain an admission form into primary or secondary school at a non-refundable fee of N 5,000. Admission forms can also be downloaded and printed out on the Admission forms page. The printed form(s) should be duly filled and returned to the school where appropriate payments will be made. Intending pupils/ students are to prepare for a Computer-Based Test (CBT) before full admission and class allocation or placement. Submission of forms to the admission office alongside bio-data as demanded in the obtained form. Collect the new in-take list/bill and purchase the required items therein. Also obtain teller for school fee and other payments from the accounts office.
Admission Requirements
  • Birth certificate (photocopy and original)
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Previous school's report card
Requirements for day students
  • school fee
  • 2 sets of uniforms
  • Recommended socks, text books, note books, cardigan, and shoe
  • A pair of ceremonial dress
  • A set of sport-wear and PHE outfit
  • Anniversary vest
  • School belt
  • Bow tie for JSS & flying tie for SS
  • Beret for female students
Requirements for boarding students
  • School fee
  • Boarding fee
  • 2 sets of school uniforms
  • 3 sets of hostel wear
  • 1 set of church wear
  • 6 pairs of white socks
  • 6 white singlet and under wears
  • A pair of Dunlop bathroom slippers
  • 1 pair of canvass shoes for sports
  • 1 towel [moderate size]
  • Washing detergents and soap for laundry [bleach for whites]
  • Toiletries [tooth paste, tooth brush, 6 toilet rolls, Vaseline and hair cream]
  • Dettol or any disinfectant
  • Roll-on deodorant [no perfumes]
  • 1 comb and hair brush
  • 1 3ft by 6ft mattress
  • 1 light blanket
  • 1 cover cloth or wrapper
  • Insecticide treated net
  • 1 pillow
  • 2 coloured and 1 white pillow case
  • 2 coloured and white bed spread
  • 6 plastic hangers for clothes
  • 1 plastic bucket [ size 32 ] and 1 medium sized aluminum or plastic washing bowl
  • 1 complete set of cutlery
  • 1 tin of insecticide
  • 6 handkerchiefs
  • 3 napkins
  • Sanitary towels for girls
  • 1 box with 1 lock
  • Black shoe polish and brush
  • 1 rechargeable lamp/ torch light
  • 2 padlock for lockers
  • Writing materials
  • Umbrella and rain coat
  • Sewing and mending materials [thread and needles]
  • All the above mentioned are compulsory/paramount for student check in
Information to potential parents
  • Ferscoat has a zero tolerance for examination malpractice. The school brings out hidden talents from every child. Any graduate of Ferscoat is capable of defending whatever result he/she comes out with. School fees paid are non-refundable Ferscoat believes ‘Readers are leaders’, seek to get the list of books and make purchase. For more information: email us at or call any of these numbers: +2348182827599, +2348023918927, +2348028315806, +2348028318078.

2017/2018 WAEC results

Number of A110%
Number of B225%
Number of B330%
Number of Credits33%
Number of passes (D7 & E8)1%
Number of F90%